Improv Comedy Week Special Events

NCCAF offers lots of special events during the fest. Most are secret. These are the public ones.

NOTE: Due to the nature of these special events the times and locations (most likely locations) can change. Subscribe to the NCCAF Twitter feed for up-to-date news.

Comedy King Maker — $500 CASH **

Comedy Kingmaker brings together comedy fans and creators to talk about the next great comedy projects that need a little seed money. Pitch your project for a shot at $500 from, Paperweight Magazine and DSI Comedy to make your idea a reality. Projects of all types, media and formats are eligible -- it just has to be new, original and funny!

Here's how it works:

On Saturday, February 16, 4PM - 530PM selected projects (we choose the most fun and diverse 15 projects) will pitch ideas to fellow NCCAF participants over free drinks at DSI Comedy Theater. Each competitor gets up to 4 minutes (but feel free to keep it shorter!) to explain your idea, what makes it exciting and how the project will use the cash. After every idea gets presented, the crowd votes on which idea is most deserving of Comedy Kingmaker funds, winner take all. Admission is free, and every person in the room gets a vote.

(So bring friends!)

Whether it's a podcast, webseries, live show or puppet opera, Comedy Kingmaker wants to make it happen. Tell us about your project idea, and let CMDY, Paperweight, DSI Comedy Theater and NCCAF help get it off the ground!

Limited to 80 audience members + 15 presenters.

  • Submit your project by 5PM Sunday 2/10 (Register online)
  • Reservations for seats (Register online) 40 SEATS LEFT!

    ** Probably a check.


    #Comedy #Hustle #BrunchHard

    Sunday February 17th 11AM - 1230PM

    Brunch and open discussion about the decade of improv, sketch and standup comedy festivals, producing comedy theater and building a demand for a comedy school in your market. Why are you a comedy producer? Are you a producer? Do you need to be or do you need one (badly)? What do you want to do? Executive Producer Zach Ward offers to brainstorm, hear your ideas, answer questions, or just have a conversation with anyone who might be interested. More details soon. @zachward if you have thoughts.