Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas is a porn star. Paul Thomas is an Australian footballer. Paul Thomas is the bassist for Good Charlotte. This particular Paul Thomas is a comedian/forward.

Oafish yet agile, he brings a slow grace to whatever he do, ebonically speaking. Born in the middle of July in a hospital in Topeka, he spent his formative years in western Wisconsin. After averaging 9.7 points per game for the Luther Knights in Onalaska, WI, he made the team as a walk-on at Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI, home of the world's largest six-pack.

Deceptively uncoordinated, a distinct lack of ability translated into an astounding college career average of 38 minutes per game on the bench. After going undrafted by the Dallas Mavericks, as well as every other NBA team, he joined the American workforce, again as a walk-on. After riding that pine for a few years, he moved to Chicago to try out for the comedy scene. Over time he has grown to personify tenacity, consistency, and a commitment to excellence in all phases of the game — as a writer/rebounder, performer/scorer, actor/passer, and director/defender.

This will be his third appearance at the NC Comedy Arts Festival with a brand new show, featuring brand new characters.