Carolina's Funniest Comic

Carolina's Funniest Comic

Carolina's Funniest Comic 2012 kicks off at The Varsity Theatre on Wednesday Feb 1 with a PRELIM round accompanied by the ONE MINUTE BIT FEST. This will be the 5th Annual Carolina's Funniest Comic presented by DSI Comedy Theater and we are really looking forward to another great year.

Audiences can help celebrate the opening night of the Comedy Arts Festival with over 40 comics perform 4 minutes of their very best jokes. Some comedy may be questionable; Some may be INCREDIBLE; but it's a contest prelim, so you get to make your voice heard either way.

Come for the 7PM and you can stay for the 9PM for FREE!

2008 CFCOMIC: John Loftin
2009 CFCOMIC: John Betz Jr
2010 CFCOMIC: Tom Keller
2011 CFCOMIC: Brad Schnurr

2012 CFCOMIC: The 2012 WINNER could be up to you!!

7PM Line-up: Adam Cohen, Alex Stone, Ben Long, Brian Burns, Daniel Dockery, Dashiel Memory, Greg Brainos, Jay Light, Jeffrey Lakin, John Sideris, Kyle Rainey, Matt Krantz, Patricia Oxford, Ryan Brown, Stephen Scott, Tim O'Connell, Wesley King

9PM Line-up: Bjorn Pedersen, Cody Hughes, Crazy Boris, Eric Megert, James Hodge, JaySun Webb, Joey Harris, Keegan Brown, Kenan Stewart, Kumail Akbari, Matt White, Michelle Maclay, Munashe Magarira, Patrick Hennessey, Ron Petterson, Shaun Flynn, Tracy Cate, Troy Harris, Tyler Meznarich