Easy Baked Improv!

Easy Baked Improv is a twelve year old, nine-person Improv troupe hailing from the mountainous region of Rome. No, not THAT Rome. The Rome, Georgia kind of Rome. Easy Baked Improv excels at Long Form, Short Form, and the ever-evasive, middle-child-like, Medium Form. Easy Baked's current focus is innovation and doing things that we later wished we didn't but then find ourselves repeating anyway.

Examples include (but are most definitely not limited to) our 24 Hour Improvathon (exactly what it sounds like), the Fat Man Show (think food fight...with Improv) and The Reversed Gender Show (actually, all of these events are entirely self-explanatory, go us). Our main interest: spelunking the caverns of your enjoyment. Er. We mean to make you laugh.