Amuse Bouche

"Amuse Bouche is the oldest improv comedy troupe in Charlottesville, Virginia called Amuse Bouche."

Amuse Bouche is a long-form improv comedy troupe that was formed in 2007 and has been aging like fine wine ever since. We perform on-grounds at the University of Virginia, throughout Albemarle county, and are not known to turn down a good roadtrip for a festival performance or workshop. Our members interests range from food network re-runs to international espionage and as a collective we blend our vast knowledge together to provide some of the finest long-form improv comedy around.

If you're interested in learning about how time traveling ancient Greeks accidentally started prohibition, how Starbucks is actually the brainchild of one angry beat poet in the Great Plains, or how to get that bit of hair on the top of your head to finally lay down, be sure to come check out Amuse Bouche!