Clayton Carter attends an upper-middle class Episcopal private school, Clayton's alter ego wants him to quit school and live. Clayton is a mega-geek who's looked over thirty since he was twelve. Clayton's alter ego wants him to use this power to buy alcohol and score with older women. Clayton seems content with his life. Clayton's alter ego is convinced that he is not. Clayton is a high school sophomore. Clayton's alter ego is a gangsta rapper. Let's see who wins.

Bob Beshere is a comedic performer from Greensboro, NC. He has been performing improv comedy with The Triad's premier comedy club, The Idiot Box, for over eight years. Bob joined the sketch comedy troupe Mon Frere in 2009 and has been swallowed into the world of sketch comedy ever since. ALTER iD is his first one-man show since he performed a self-written combination of two plays about Thomas Beckett for his senior synthesis in college. So, because of that, he can say that he's been performing one-man shows for a decade.