Jack Lees

A hybrid combination of nerd and sociopath are what make up the humor of comedian Jack Lees.

Jack's stand-up is best categorized as niche comedy. Jack's humor is cynical and dark with just a hint of geek. Some thinking is required from an audience in order for them to appreciate each joke. Jack's performance may contain offensive or blue material, but without offensive or blue vocabulary. Jack does not use profanity in his jokes. He wants his jokes to be risky on their own merit, without the help of swear words. Any blue material is performed with a clean vocabulary so the audience can make it to the punchline without being turned off by dirty words.

On stage, Jack presents himself as a comedian with no morals. He finds the worst in people and uses that as his stage persona. Off stage, Jack is the exact opposite of his performance. He is nice, polite, and easily approachable. Jack sometimes breaks his act with a comment about a previous joke, an interaction with an audience member, or just a smile. Relieving the tension between Jack and anyone who thought he wasn't joking. It's only a comedy show after all.