Justin Williams

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Justin Williams is black and comfortably middle class. Justin developed his sense of humor as a defense mechanism-moving between divorced parents caused him to always be the "new kid" in school. So it was either be the nerd or the funny nerd. Justin chose the second option, mainly because Steve Urkel was huge back then.

Since moving to New York City, Justin parlayed that awkward energy into a unique Stand Up act, complete with deadpan delivery and a knack for sarcastically pointing out the absurd. As one of New York City's funniest up-and-coming comics hes performed at The Gilda's Club 10th Annual Laugh Off (Finalist), The 2009 Boston Comedy Festival (Semi-finalist), 2011 & 2012 Cape Fear Comedy Festival, The 5th Annual Laugh Your Asheville Off, The 2012 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, The 2012 Dallas Comedy Festival and was recently featured on Comedy Central's Jokes.com and SiriusXM's Raw Dog Comedy. He is also the host of "Death Comedy Jam" at the Creek and the Cave.

Justin can also be heard on the weekly comedy podcast "3 Dudes and Broad," with fellow comics Wilson McDermut, Jordan Elizabeth Korabic and Marshall Stevenson on www.3dudesandabroad.com

Justin's debut comedy DVD, "Justin Williams: Black and Comfortably Middle-Class," is available for $ .99 on Youtube.