NouN is Appalachian State's Best and only comedy improv team and they've been rocking the mountains for almost 15 years. The members of NouN have always exhibited very different backgrounds from Teaching to Applied Physics and this variety is sure to make for a wacky show.

Caught somewhere between short form and long form, NouN specializes in a hybrid we like to call, Midform. The set will feature a series of short scenes that are all correlated in a random fashion that go back in time to explain the previous scene that took place. After reaching a point far enough back in time, we'll hop in our time machine and come back through the scenes we've seen with the added history established from the past scenes until we reach the final scene that occurs in the present. We like to call this Inception-like game, Quantum Cause and Effect. It will all be kicked off with our trademark opener, What's in the Box Interrogation, (inspired by the movie Se7en.)