Unstoppable Failure

When trying to write this profile Unstoppable Failure did a google search for "best show description" and the first result was about Seinfeld. Here's part of what it said : "Widely regarded as the small screen's most innovative sitcom, the series created an unparalleled cache of clever plots, snappy dialogue and crafty characters. " Unstoppable Failure also has plots, dialogue and characters so we know we're on the right track.

Unstoppable Failure is a multimedia sketch show inspired by a podcast of the same name. Its members have appeared in many prestigious comedy festivals across the country including the San Fransico Sketchfest, The LA Blues and Comedy festival, The New York Sketch festival, The Boston Comedy Arts Festival, The Philly Sketchfest, The Chicago Sketchfest, Boston Improv's Geek week and the North Carolina Comedy arts festival. Its cast consist of the Schraeder brothers, AJ and Al-don and their partner in comedy law enforcement John McIntosh.