Shun Man Woh

Shun Man Woh

Kit FitzSimons is a man of few words...for the next half-hour, at least.

Blending physical comedy with a killer soundtrack, this one-man show is not about stories from Kit's childhood or how many celebrity impressions he can do. It's not about the beauty of the little things or the true meaning of the holiday season in these modern times of corporate commercialism and dehumanizing materialism. It's certainly not a musical.

So, what IS it? What word best describes Shun Man Woh?

Well, there's a splash zone; that should probably play into the description somehow. Also, Kit has to chug at least two Red Bulls to prepare himself for the physical demands of the show. And by the end, the stage invariably ends up covered in loose-leaf lettuce and gardening foam.

So... "cerebral" then?

Yeah. I'm gonna go with "cerebral."