Phil Keeling

Phil Keeling is an alternative comedian from Savannah, Georgia. His comedy is good and pure. It makes your whites whiter--your blacks more urban. Keeling has performed all over the country, including The Hollywood Improv, The Kovalchick Athletic and Convention Complex, and the Hilton Head Comedy Club.

Here is what some people have said about Phil and his premiere comedy album, "Conquistadork":

"Phil Keeling's brand of alternative stand-up comedy has been the driving force behind a renaissance of indie stand-up that sprung from open mics in Savannah, Georgia in 2009. Since taking up the mic, Keeling’s work has guided the current comedy scene from what was once a sleepy tourist side-step into a vital and competitive culture." --Lee Keeler, producer, The Hour of Power Hour

“These pieces, and virtually the entire set, play out much more like a conversation with a friend that just happens to be relentlessly insightful, wise and hilarious. Rather than something that is distinctly or even desperately trying to be funny. The brilliance of Conquistadork is that it feels more like a series of anecdotes and opinions that just happen to have perfect punch lines scattered throughout.” --Drunk Monkeys,