ImprovBoston AllStars

Showcasing their unique freeform style of play, ImprovBoston AllStars expertly blends games, scenes, skillful storytelling, off-the-cuff music and audience participation into unforgettably hilarious performances. This elite ensemble representing Boston's best improvisers explores a form that redefines itself with every performance. No rules. No boundaries.

ImprovBoston AllStars is a cast comprised entirely of the most accomplished members of our premiere Mainstage and National Touring Company ensembles. This veritable “SWAT Team” of IB improvisers has a passion for sharing the style of play we’ve been exploring as a theater for over 30 years now. We believe that Boston reflects an arts community worthy of being represented at the best festivals in the country.

Our signature “open form” incorporates strong scenework, genre play, organic short-form elements, subtle thematicism, seamlessly integrated audience participation, music and an aggressive “follow the funny” pacing that makes for a riveting experience. We target our format to both the improv insider and the off-the-street audience member alike.