Lame and Fortune

Lame And Fortune is a solo sketch show that highlights some imagined consequences of notoriety and wealth. Written and performed by Daniel Shar, who has neither of these things and thinks it's funny when those who do come crashing down spectacularly, this show is mostly dark and dumb, but also silly and smart.

Lame And Fortune has appeared at the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, SOLOCOM NYC at The PIT, The Playground Theater, and The Public House Theater. Shar's previous solo show (Stuck In Third Grade) appeared at the NC Comedy Arts Festival and St. Louis Fringe Festival. He has also performed at those festivals with the sketch group Phat Beethoven, whose additional credits include New York City Sketch Festival, Chicago Sketchfest, and Charleston Comedy Festival. Shar once contributed to The Onion, and he is currently pouring his heart and soul into The Weird Cop-Cept Album, a comedic mixtape done from the perspective of two police officers who love Weird Al Yankovic so much that they sample his songs on all of their beats as they leave the force to pursue rap stardom.