Bowlcut Henry

Bowlcut Henry is a longform improv team from New York. This crew of improvisers has been entertaining audiences across the NYC comedy scene for over a year.

Bowlcut Henry performs a macroscene Harold in which all of the scenes take place in the same small universe on a very special day — a new cowboy arrives at the saloon, someone's set fire to the warehouse, or a sniper's trapped everyone in a Bed, Bath, & Beyond. All in a single location. All in real-time. All hilarious.

Its members met and trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade, but as individuals they bring improv experience from theaters across the country, including performing with EndGames Improv in San Francisco, ColdTowne Theater in Austin, and DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro, NC.

Free bowlcuts are on offer at every show; the team is still waiting on its first taker.