Let's Try This!

LTT! performs a longform based off of the movie Rashomon, the 1950 Japanese period drama film. The show will consist of multi-layered stories inspired by different points of view of the same event. This show is an display of how the truth often lies in the middle of a bunch of extremes.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Let's Try This! is Georgia Tech's resident improv troupe. For 25 years, LTT! has been a part of DramaTech Theater, the student run theatre on campus. Composed mainly of students but open to the entire community, LTT! works to spread improv across not only Georgia Tech's campus, but across the entire Atlanta area.

Let's Try This! and DramaTech Theater hold the annual Black Block Comedy Festival, which aims to bring more improv troupe and other comedic acts together to showcase their talent.