Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche is the oldest improv comedy troupe in Charlottesville, Virginia called Amuse Bouche, beautifully aged like fine wine since 2007. Just give us a word or a phrase and sit back while we invent new worlds, explore hilarious characters, and weave a unique narrative right before your eyes.

Improv newcomers will enjoy the variety of players in our troupe and the hilarious scenes we construct, improv veterans will appreciate the quality and dedication coming from a college troupe. Together we'll discover just who built the pyramids, whether or not we actually landed on the moon, who shot Kennedy, and how to get that list bit of hair to stay down before your hot date this Friday.

Amuse Bouche performs multiple times each semester on the grounds of the university, throughout the Charlottesville / Albemarle area, and have been not been known to turn down a good road trip for any of our performances around the nation. We've studied and performed with the likes of the Upright Citizens Brigade Tour Co, Death By Roo Roo, and a whole swath of amazing performers at the past five iterations of NCCAF.

Our members’ interests range from food network reruns to international espionage, and our unique blend of players is sure to delight improv fans of all shapes, sizes, and hair colors.