Gentle Touch

Shhhhh, be very very quiet, we're all holding sleeping babies as gently as we possibly can. We would love to share our gentle set of improv comedy with you. Gentle Touch consists of Claire Epstein, Drew Freed, Micah Phillips, Pat Regan, Jillian Vogel, and Nathan Yaffe.

We are all UCB trained improvisers currently in the Advanced Study program or on a UCB Llyod team. Known in the indie community for our chemistry and absurd sensibilities, we were created by Brandon Gardner (UCBTourCo) and coached by Amey Goerlich (Krompf). We won the championship title in UCB East's Indie Cage Match in October 2013, we've been featured in UCB's Indie Improv Showcase, and open regularly for the brightest indie teams in New York City.

Gentle Touch: you won't even feel us.