Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen's life is a joke. He performs stand-up regularly around North Carolina, and has also performed in New York, Los Angeles, Dublin, Boston and elsewhere. He is the co-founder of The Dangling Loafer comedy showcase in Raleigh.

Adam Cohen delivers dire warnings about the End of Days and our certain eternal damnation, which audiences have consistently misinterpreted as charming, hilarious yarns about life as a husband and father in early 21st century America.

His other comedic dabblings have included syndication selection of his daily comic strip "Herschel" by Creators Syndicate; co-creation of "Major Flake," an animated pilot for Cartoon Network; and many years of award-winning work as an advertising creative director.

He lives in Raleigh with his wife, 2 kids, cat, and an assortment of fascinating compulsions.