The Whethermen

The Whethermen is the oldest improv comedy group at the University of Virginia. Founded in 1997, The Whethermen have been performing long-form and short-form improv and making videos that shame their parents for 16 years.

Members of the Whethermen have gone on to perform at the I.O. Theatre in Chicago and to be on the Upright Citizens' Brigade traveling team.

One of the "Top 113 Things To Do Before Graduation," their energetic and highly popular shows have earned them a beloved spot among UVA students. The Whethermen fill the Chemistry Auditorium twice a semester with their shows (unlike Chemistry lectures, which fill the Auditorium zero times a semester). They also perform at dozens of events ranging from a cappella intermissions to Murder Mystery dinners to dorm Rotunda dinners. They do 90% of their gigs for free because they just love spreading laughter and cheer and acting like idiots.