The Flood

The Flood is one of the twelve improv house teams of The Magnet Theater. They are a part of Megawatt and perform on Wednesday nights.

They are the newest team of the theater and were formed in late August by Megawatt Director Louis Kornfeld. The Flood consists of 8 improvisers who have all completed the theater’s curriculum: Evan Barden, Kelly Donahue, Ali Fisher, Nick Jaramillo, Brendan Jordan, Branson Reese, Sam Rogal, and Amanda Xeller.
The Flood performs a loose Harold, meaning if something super fun pops up after the first group game the team might go off to explore that gem and weave in the rest of the material generated in the earlier scenes instead of following the usual strict Harold structure. However that does not happen every single time. This is an improv team! No two shows are the same. Because the structure is not set in stone, The Flood is always on their toes and always has each others’ backs in scenes and on the sidelines.
One of the wonderful things about The Flood is that it was handpicked. No two players play the same way. This is not a team stacked with “straight men” or a powerhouse troupe of character-driven improvisers. Each player brings something totally different to the table. That is a testament to our strength as a team because of how diverse our brains, muscles, and tastes are in comedy.
We absolutely guarantee that we will make ya laugh. Are you in New York? Totally check us out! See our schedule at ! We also have a facebook page: