All-Star Improv Showcase

All-Star Improv Showcase

Laugh with some of the best and up-and-coming improvisers from NC and around the country, performers you will want to say you saw BEFORE they made it big.

FRI 2/14 730PM: Kat Robichaud (The Voice) inspires All-Star Armando Cast featuring Zach Ward, Rick Andrews, Peter McNerney, Kevin Patrick Robbins, James Robilotta, Kelsie Huff, Ashley Melzer

FRI 2/14 930PM: Chet Siegel, Alan Fessenden, Brandon Holmes, Andy Lavender, Mary Sasson, Mano Agapion, Betsy Sodaro

SAT 2/15 730PM: Corey Brown

SAT 2/15 930PM: Eric Hunicutt and Zach Ward