Negin Farsad

Negin is a comedian, writer, director, TED Fellow, snazzy dresser, sporadic twitterer, and an all around gal of a gal.

Recently named one of the 50 Funniest Women by the Huffington Post, Negin's known for using her comic timing for good, spearheading something she calls, "Social Justice Comedy" or SJC. (SJC isn’t really “a thing” yet, but Negin is forcing into existence!) It's no small feat to make change and laughter, so it doesn't hurt that this Southern California native has dual bachelors in Theatre Arts and Government from Cornell University, a Masters degree in Race Relations at Columbia University and a second Masters from Columbia at the School of International & Public Affairs with a focus on Urban Management. She even worked as a senior policy adviser for the City of New York before eventually leaving for full-time uncertainty in the world of performing and visual arts!

Since that time, Negin's worked with MTV, PBS, Nickelodeon, IFCNews, AOL, and Comedy Central. She was director, producer, writer, PA, and golf caddie for "Nerdcore Rising," a ragingly hilarious comedy about nerdcore hip-hop that premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival to sold-out houses and critical praise.

As a standup comedian she has opened for the likes of Al Franken and Bobby Lee (Mad TV) in venues ranging from the Laugh Factory in New York, the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and Town Hall on Broadway. Negin has provided original comedy content for PBS, Pacifica and Sirius Radio stations. She has been an active comedian and producer for over ten years earning a nomination for the Emerging Comics of New York Awards and her own off-Broadway run for the comedy show The Dirty Immigrant Collective.

And those graduate degrees… well, they now collect dust…