Jack Lees

Jack D. Lees - a comedian whose humor takes abstract ideas and turns them into everyday occurrences.

Jack's stand-up is nonsensical, filled with one-liners and unbelievable situations that people can still relate to in their everyday lives. Jack is his own worst enemy as most of his jokes are at his expense. His set is clean and with the perspective of the child in all of us that has been exposed to the real world. Jack writes all of his own jokes with the help of cigarettes, coffee and a wandering mind. The biggest payoff for Jack is connecting with the audience through a punch-line of one of his jokes. Sharing his mind-set and having the audience "get" it is a high that keeps Jack writing, performing and wanting to be the best comedian possible.

Jack D. Lees (Born John David Leisenring; June 30th 1988) is an aspiring stand-up comedian. He grew up in the small town of Granby, Connecticut. He was the youngest of 4 children. From an early age Jack loved making people laugh, mostly at his expense. It wasn't until Jack was in college that he knew he wanted to do comedy for the rest of his life. He was taking a public speaking course and the first assignment was to come up with a 5-minute presentation of what one of your hobbies were. Jack was not a hobbyist to say the least, but when it was his turn to speak in front of the class he had the class in an uproar. His hobby was "arguing with his girlfriend." That first class assignment was his first comedy bit and his last time in school. From then on Jack knew he wanted to live his dream and to be a comedian. His comedy is inspired by such other comedians as Woody Allen, Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg.