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Summerland + Thankzgiving 2007 + The Johnsons

Summerland + Thankzgiving 2007 + The Johnsons

2/25/2017 830PM at DSI Comedy Theater 

TICKETS are $12.50, No fees online.

Summerland is the feeling of the sun on your face and warmth in your heart, the feeling of freedom when driving a vintage 1962 MG Midget down the Pacific Coast Highway with nothing but possibilities ahead. Also it’s a duo improv group from Los Angeles.

Thankzgiving 2007: Improv troupe based out of Washington, DC combining the warm and loving familial tensions of Thanksgiving with the radical edginess of 1990's-era Nickelodeon products and productions.

The Johnsons are a long form house team from Coalition Theater in Richmond, VA. They have performed together for almost four years under the coaching of Patrick Gantz (iO Chicago, Washington Improv Theater). Their multi-vignette duologue opening fuels a pattern and support-heavy world full of hilarious characters! The Johnsons have appeared at NCCAF, Charm City Comedy Festival, DSI Soundbytes Fest, Del Close Marathon, and 2nd Best Fest!