Stand-up Comedy Master Class Workshops

NCCAF offers professional workshop with Veteran House Comic for "Late Show with David Letterman" and industry classes with other working comics.

NOTE: NCCAF Registered Participants who chose the Saturday Workshop Package are offered a discount on Master Classes. Details about the included "Saturday" workshops will be sent the week of the Festival.

Master Class with Late Show Comic Eddie Brill

Eddie Brill will instruct you in the key elements towards gaining the insight and understanding necessary in developing and retooling your show, from a live stage performance to a smart and hilarious television experience. In order to achieve maximum focus with each member of his workshop, Eddie allows only 10 students in each session; so we suggest you register now.

  • Sunday February 3, 11am-5pm $250 (Register online)
  • Each workshop participant receives individual coaching on the spot from Eddie, and from fellow classmates; allowing for a unique student-teacher perspective in the process of building a firm foundation for you to truly understand who you are on stage. Make no mistake; this rare opportunity for comics to be completely honest with themselves and each other is for the seriously minded only. So leave your egos at the door, and get ready for a hardworking day you will never forget. NOTE: WORKSHOP AVAILABLE TO ALL WORKING COMICS


    So You Wanna Start Your Own Show AKA Developing and Producing Marketable Shows AKA Shows That People Go To & Don't Suck AKA Is it Worth It with Christian Spicer

    Not every comic wants to develop and produce their own show...some REALLY want to, others DON'T...but most have been around the conversation either with other comics or alone in their own heads. At some point almost every comic, for just a moment at least thinks about starting a show. Why do it?

    Some shows that get created are great, some are far from it. So what separates those that are marketable, popular, and "awesome" from those that aren't? In this workshop we'll cover some of the basics that goes into creating and producing a marketable show along with some of the nuts and bolts details that have gone into developing and producing several successful shows in Southern California as well as my personal experience working for Nerdist at the NerdMelt Showroom as a whole.

    Limited to 18 participants.

  • Saturday February 2, 1pm-3pm $45 (Register online)

    Standup Practice with DSI Comedy School

    DSI teaches the art of standup comedy. Learn how to build on a premise, develop a joke and generate punch lines until you find ones that really hit. Learn how to spin true stories and rock a routine that both engages and entertains your audience. In this workshop, new comics will work with an instructor from DSI to get a taste for our philosophy to comedy writing.

    Limited to 18 participants.

  • Sunday February 3, 2pm-4pm FREE (Register online)
  • Details on standup comedy classes with the DSI Comedy School.