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Sam Di + Jessica Abrams + Anders Lee + Hobert Thompson + Jairo Dechtiar + Jack Martin + Brandon Nacass

  • Local 506 506 West Franklin Street Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 United States (map)

Sam Di + Jessica Abrams + Anders Lee + Hobert Thompson + Jairo Dechtiar + Jack Martin + Brandon Nacass

2/17/2017 8PM at Local 506 

TICKETS are $10, No fees online.

Sam Di started performing comedy 3 years ago after staying up until 4 am watching Youtube clips of stand up comics. Sam's comedy focuses on race, growing up in Mississippi, and his perpetual quarter-life crisis. Sam still routinely stays up until 4 am.

Jessica Abrams would like to celebrate her neuroses by sharing them with you. Her therapist says it's healthy.

Anders Lee: Although I do begin each set with my catchphrase "Anders Lee here", my range is quite wide. My set contains a lot of crowd work, act outs and physical bits in addition to a back pocket filled with traditional jokes.

Hobert Thompson is a very enthusiastic fellow. He's a standup comic from Chicago, IL--originally NC!--and he wants nothing more than to get to know you, his wonderful audience. Blending together character work, audience participation, and high concept idiocy, Hobert is sure to make you laugh, tell your fortune, claim he's your dad, or maybe do something he hasn't even thought of yet!

Jairo Dechtiar: Local Comic from Chapel Hill

Jack Martin: The Class Clown who reached his full potential.

Brandon Nacass is a young Frenchman traveling around the world. Wherever he finds himself, he studies the language and observes the particularities in that country. Just like Jerry Seinfeld or Bill Burr, he does observational comedy. After performing in London, he's now here to deliver his insights on the Americans and...  there is a lot to say indeed!